Performance, Potluck & Punch

Performance, Potluck, & Punch is a potluck party, but at this party there are also curated performances of all shapes and sizes. It’s a potluck, so the only admission price is a dish to share. We want to plant deep artistic roots in our
neighborhood of SW Detroit. As artists we want to share what we do with our
neighbors, and we want them to share with us. By sharing a communal art experience in a familial way we hope more people will feel invited into alternative art. We'll come together around what brings people together—food and a shared experience. We'll provide a punch bowl to gather around and together we'll watch a performance or two. After, we'll return to the punch to discuss what we've seen, as well as anything else that might come up. We piloted this program with one event last year to great success. It felt right. Detroit communities need more reasons to come together, not just to fight neighborhood problems but to celebrate each other and our imaginations, witness acts of beauty, trigger inspiration, and spark curiosity, A Host of People feels that it is vital we find ways to weave artistic acts regularly into the social fabric of our lives—it fuels us to keep going.

We're sure you've seen Detroit's challenges in the news lately. But what the news doesn't show is the amazing things that are going on here- that are being created outside of the broken system. It was this creative energy that led us to relocate our company here from Brooklyn, NY. We feel inspired by the strong, resilient community we have found ourselves in. It is these communities that will be the agents of change for this city.

A Host of People has always believed in starting where you are, but we also believe in sharing. This program was designed to be repeatable. We hope that if it is successful in our community, other neighborhoods will start their own Performance, Potluck, and Punch too. Let it grow like the community gardens that dot our so-called blighted landscape!

Financé par Awesome Without Borders (November 2013)