Musical Milestones

Reflecting upon the positive milestones after a life of challenge is not usually an easy process. The "Musical Milestones" program is centred upon the importance of supporting previously incarcerated women through their rehabilitation journey from drug and alcohol addiction.

As part of the existing group music therapy program at Kathleen York House, "Musical Milestones" is based upon the creation and recording of songs as part of the therapeutic process: by drawing upon the challenges of the past, as well as the hopes for the future, the music therapist supports the women in creating something beautiful and meaningful out of their challenging experiences.

In recognising the powerful impact that songs have, the women are safely encouraged to verbally and musically explore the hardships of their life in a way to help them process the past, acknowledge their progress in their rehabilitation journey and give hope to their future. This approach to therapy has a beautiful flow on effect whereby the women of the program become empowered to then offer support to new members by simply sharing some of the group songs to help validate and give hope to the new group member on arrival.

After the songs are written, the group often sing along to the words that they have created, and thus take the time to start processing the challenges of their past, arriving at the musical milestone of reframing these challenges, and feeling hopeful for their future. To ensure that these women continue to feel empowered whilst in the program and beyond the program, we would like to create recordings of these songs so that they can continue to draw upon them as a resource, to help them along their way. The money will go towards the purchasing of relevant instruments and equipment for this program.

This idea will make the city of Sydney more #awesome as it will give voice (literally!) to the importance of second chances and hope for the future.

Financé par Sydney (June 2022)