The Nature Library

The Nature Library is a collection of books celebrating the power of words to connect people with nature, popping up at public spaces across Scotland. In 2019 it appeared at Glasgow’s Civic House and The Project Cafe, and was invited by Project Cafe to extend its stay for an additional three weeks following positive visitor and staff feedback.

The Nature Library has received tremendous feedback in the short time since it began and has been invited to venues in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Pitlochry and Inverness in 2020 so far, including an exciting collaboration with a Glasgow scent library and Glasgow Women's Library.

As well as providing free access to nature books to the community, The Nature Library hosted two sold out, free public workshops with local poets and artists. The first, an ecopoetry workshop with Maria Sledmere, the second an outdoor walking workshop with MUCK inspired by the works of Rebecca Solnit and Donna Haraway.

Between installations The Nature Library encourages discussion on social media, @thenaturelib on both Instagram and Twitter.

There has never been a more important time to reconnect with the world around us and the books within The Nature Library allow communities to do just that. Whether by painting dazzling landscapes, introducing us to flourishing flora and intelligent fauna, or exploring the challenges they each face we begin to see — really see — the wonders of our planet one word at a time.

The initial scale of The Nature Library - the first of its kind - was uncertain, however its early success proves the desire and need for this within communities across Scotland, and I believe is an important project to continue. However, an unfunded self-initiated project, my ability to continue its growth and deserved potential is becoming strained. A fund from the Awesome Foundation would support the development of the Nature Library, helping reach more of Glasgow's communities with the wonder, cultural and environmental significance of nature.

Financé par Glasgow (February 2020)