Awesome December

For the month of December, Awesome Buffalo trustees decided to spread Awesome a little further. Instead of giving away $1000 cash to one project, we each handed out $100 to a chosen project, person, or group.

Here's how the cash has been used so far:

  • A mom and her kids handed out their $100 in $5 increments to other kids in Target.

  • A teacher surprised her students with $100 to shop for supplies for their classroom.

  • A local non-profit purchased locks and lights for bikes being prepared for the community.

  • An artist bulk-ordered $100 worth of googly eyes with intent to vandalize.

  • One trustee decided to plant a small seed for former grant applicants she believed in. They're still deciding how to use the money. One idea is to put on a scavenger hunt to raise awareness and use of little libraries around the city.

  • Another $100 supported a 13-year-old entrepreneur's handmade bow ties.

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More to come soon!

Financé par Buffalo, NY (December 2019)