Protecting the Persecuted

The Migrant Center works to give low-income immigrant the legal tools they need to have a fair day in court. The Migrant Center works at the third largest detention facility in the U.S., just outside San Antonio in Pearsall, Texas. Very few non-profit organizations travel to the South Texas Detention Complex.

We provide one-on-one in-person consultations with attorneys where we walk immigrants through the legal process, explain their due process rights, review English application forms, and conduct other work related to asylum, language access, and prolonged detention. The majority of our work is with people fleeing persecution in their home countries. We have worked with asylum seekers from 36 different countries who speak 20 different primary languages.

Court data shows that without legal assistance – resulting in court hearing where asylum seekers are forced to go up against trained government prosecutors – they only have a 10% chance of receiving protection. With your help we can ensure that every asylum seeker has a fair day in court.

Grants and donations go a long way for the Migrant Center. With a lean structure, assistance from the San Antonio community, and volunteer work, we can offer both pro bono and low-cost services for detained immigrants in our community.

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