Baby in Time

My greatest desire has always been to become a mother. The day my partner and I discovered we were pregnant we were overcome with joy. Although, the anticipation of a strong heartbeat turned out to be utter devastation.

We feel the pain of the loss, the pain of what might have been and the dreams that were shattered, but never forgotten. I wanted desperately to confide in the other ‘one in four’ women and their partners who have experienced this.

In 40% of pregnancy and infant loss cases, the cause of death is unknown. There are six stillborn babies a day in Australia and this rate has not reduced in two decades.

Baby in Time is a community support group, built to remove the silence and stigma around pregnancy and infant loss.

We encourage women to share their personal stories to understand that they are not alone, and access our abundance of professional resources to assist them in their grief.

We hope to run monthly coffee meetups for women and men to gather, listen and offer a sense of understanding.

With tangible products to honour our angel babies’ and open communication, we hope to support and empower women and men.

We hope to be part of the change we want to see in the world.

Financé par Lake Mac (August 2019)