Parking Ticket Paid!

Hi! My name is Amber Phillips! I live in PEI but I am pitching an AWESOME idea to give back to Halifax. I consider myself to be the creative type and my New Years Resolution for 2012 was to give back and participate in and promote random acts of kindness.

Two years ago April 6, our family had an unimaginable tragedy. My mom had to be airlifted from Charlottetown to the QEII in Halifax after a tragic accident. The amazing doctors at the QEII saved her life. We spent 2 weeks in the ICU, 2 weeks in Intermediate ICU and 2 weeks on Ortho floor before being transferred back to PEI. My brother and I moved to Halifax for a month. We spent 10 to 12 hours a day at the QEII by our Mom's side. We were lucky enough to have the support of our community back on PEI and received donations to help with our living and travel expenses. One of the biggest things that stood out for me was the price of parking at the hospital. $2.50 an hour I believe. When people are their most vunerable, tramautic events have happened to them, your brain is on autopilot, you spend hours holding the hand of someone in the ICU, you have to dig deep into your pockets and pay to park. I want to help others out with a great random act of kindness.

I can't present my pitch in person (live in PEI) if I am selected for a finalist but I can send a video or SKYPE a pitch to the committee! I love the Awesome foundation!

Fondos becados por Halifax, NS (April 2012)