Guerilla Gardening: perennial plants

We are a grassroots organization that reclaims public space. We use plants, flowers and seeds to beautify our city and encourage community participation. For the last decade we've been identifying neglected corners across Toronto and staging events to replace blight with beauty, gray with green. Our events typically include a seed bombing run in the spring (scattering native wildflower seeds into difficult to reach areas), followed by 2-5 plot-specific events.

Our organization depends on donated plants and volunteer labor. We think it would be Awesome to spend $1000 to step up our efforts. With the help of the Awesome Foundation, our reach would also increase - more attention = more volunteers and more donations.

I'm submitting this for Terry Aldebert, who is the key organizer. You can see a good interview with her here:

Fondos becados por Toronto (March 2012)

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