The East Side Project

I love Chicago! I am a Chicago Public School librarian at George Washington Elementary School on the East Side. Why does this matter? I'm glad that you asked. While many of my students have grown up on the East Side, they may not be aware of its rich history. I hope to change that!

I was lucky enough to earn a grant from the Chicago Architecture Foundation this summer. It centered around the book No Small Plans -a graphic novel centered around urban planning and Chicago's past, present and future. The grant provided a class set of books and great curriculum materials to start this journey.

I like practical lessons. Therefore, I want my students to think like urban planners and create their own plans for the site of the former US Steel Plant on Lake Michigan.

I have already enlisted the help of our Alderwoman Suzanne Garza who has offered to tour the site with my students. The Chicago Architecture Foundation's Vice President of Education Gabrielle Lyon is also going to join our tour and share her expertise with the kids. Author Rod Sellers is willing to meet with students at the East Side Museum located in the Calumet Park Field House.

So my project lets students READ and LEARN and PLAN in the library and go to the site to see the practical application of their knowledge.
All we need is money to pay for buses!

Fondos becados por Chicago, IL (October 2017)