PEACH NITE SPOT 40th Anniversary Mardi Gras Float

PEACH NITE SPOT is a safe place for the LGBTQI community of Newcastle to be able to come and have a great night. The last 2 nights have pulled over 300 people and it's done on a very limited budget and often it comes out of organiser Luke's own pocket. He started Peach to get the community back involved in their scene. PEACH nite spot will enter a float in the 40th anniversary Mardi Gras called "Queen of the lighthouse". There will be a truck which will look like the Pasha Bulker at the from and it will lead back to Nobby's Lighthouse with the Queen of the Lighthouse watching over the marchers, dressed as stunning steel workers, lovely lifeguards, Lady Susan Gilmore's and other Iconic Newcastle attractions to show off how beautiful the city of Newcastle really is.

Fondos becados por Newcastle (April 2017)