Devised Theatre Project

The Devised Theatre Project is building a theatre and leadership-building program for young people currently living in the NYC shelter system. During the 12-week pilot, participants will collaboratively create an original piece of theatre, providing them with opportunities to practice creativity, build community, play, explore ideas, build confidence and cultivate leadership skills in a fun and supportive environment.

The pilot is being run in collaboration with the CAMBA Flagstone Family Center in Brownsville Brooklyn and was launched in March 2017. Although centers such as CAMBA have funding for after school programming through city programs like School's Out, this funding does not cover weekend programming (Fri, Sat, Sun) and there's typically less for the kids to do during these times. The program's goal is to fill this gap with engaging programming that builds community, provides snacks, and allow participants to play and express themselves.

Consistent programming like this provides these kids in transition a positive, stable place where they can build community, release stress, laugh, and express themselves creatively. In addition to providing participants with the opportunity to learn and engage in a theatre-arts practice; the workshop will build leadership skills in participants by providing opportunities to practice collaborative problem solving, negotiation, decision making, flexibility, and communication (presence, listening and responding, eye contact) throughout the process - all of which provide a foundation for success later in life.

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