100 Years...100 Selfies!

We are pleased to announce our very first grant recipient: 100 years…100 selfies.

The Warehouse Project & Gallery {TWP&G} is located in Summit, Illinois and is a brave space for all young people looking for creative and artistic ways to create positive social and neighborhood change. This initiative encourages youth to take artistic risks, explore issues they are passionate about, engage in challenging conversations, and offer creative and artistic solutions to issues in their community.

Founded in April of 2013, TWP&G aims to provide all youth in the community with a voice and an opportunity to be heard while encouraging them to use artistic avenues to explore and create art in all forms that inspire change.

In collaboration with the Summit Public Library, TWP&G youth will profile 100 residents from the Summit community to celebrate the library’s upcoming centennial. The exhibit, 100 years…100 selfies, consisting of interviews and photographs, will be displayed in library throughout the year. This project will honor the tremendous contributions the library has made to the community over the last 100 years and allow the members of TWP&G to utilize their artistic talents to document and narrate the community’s appreciation for its public library.

By documenting the 100 years…100 selfies project, TWP&G will create a template for other communities to replicate in showing support for their public libraries.

What our grantee has to say:

“TWPG is forever grateful to the Summit Public Library for its commitment to the community and for allowing us a physical space to hold programming when we were in our infancy. This project is our way of giving back for the many things they have given us and the community at large.” -Meredith Schilsky, President & Chief Creative Director at The Warehouse Project & Gallery

What our trustees have to say:

“I was impressed by the way this project brought together community collaboration and engagement with creativity, social history and library advocacy activities. This sounds like a wonderful way to rally the community around the library. The physical exhibition sounds like an excellent opportunity to bring your community together.”

The approach to celebrating the centennial for the library is a great idea and I am sure many library patrons will enjoy the exhibition.”

“This application is timely for the events they wish to promote. It is well thought out and includes elements of research, conducting oral histories, photography and design.”

“Really lovely way to recognize the library and its patrons for their commitment to this institution.”

You can learn more about the Summit Public Library here

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