Addie's Pretty Princess Lemonade Stand/bake sale

Four years ago I found out I was being granted a dream come true from Sunshine Foundation. It was so exciting and brought me so much happiness that I told my mom "I want ALL the dreams to come true!" My mom helped me set up a little lemonade stand and bake sale on my street corner. Each year my lemonade stands/bake sales have become bigger and more visible. Because my dream was to meet the Disney Princesses (and because princesses are AWESOME!) I started having princesses visit the stand to help with lemonade, cupcakes and to visit with the kids. My last lemonade stand made nearly $4000 and so far I have raised about $13,000 to help Sunshine Foundation make dreams come true!! I have been a part of helping grant the dreams of 4 other kids from Minnesota!

This year I am going to work really hard on getting a celebrity Prince Charming to visit the stand (I have a little something up my sleeve). If this works out it might be the biggest Princess cupcake/lemonade stand ever!!

Fondos becados por Cass Clay (March 2017)