Gloucester Boxing Club

The Gloucester Boxing Club serves the community of Gloucester by offering first class instruction in the sport of Boxing. While all sports provide participants a physical workout, boxing offers a unique set of benefits beyond the obvious self-defense and exercise. Learning to box challenges the body, the intellect, and the will of everyone who steps through the gym doors, whether or not they choose to compete. As one learns the sport, their levels of confidence and self-worth inevitably skyrocket. The amazing part is that while this occurs, a new level of humility and respect for hard work develops as well.
Growing up in Gloucester in a blue-collar family, Carlo DaSilva saw the challenges life can present at a young age. After falling in love with Boxing, Carlo began to compete and win matches, eventually becoming New England Golden Gloves Champion. He learned just how the sport can change a person for the better. The only problem was that he had to travel to find quality training partners and gyms. This led to the founding of the Gloucester Boxing Club, and a chance for Carlo and his team to train the next generation of Gloucester’s champions.
Now, over a year and half in to operations, the Club boasts registered 501(c)3 non-profit status and a growing membership. Gloucester youths make up much of the membership, with kids’ classes several afternoons a week. Centrally located on Sargent Street, we are accessible to most of the young people in town. Members vary from competitive boxers to casual members of our women-only classes, offered twice a week. Carlo’s own brother (and greasy pole champ!) Joe DaSilva won the 2016 Golden Gloves after 3 victories in a row in Lowell, MA.
Carlo has assembled a team of qualified volunteers and active members from every walk of life including professional boxers and martial artists, tradesmen, local small business people, attorneys, college students, and members of two Cape Ann police departments.

Thank you all!

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