Keeping Godby Heart Healthy

Who We Play For brings together heart screening groups across the country who all have their own lost loved ones, their own motivation and their own story – those who we play for. All these individual groups and foundations, created in memory of a lost loved one, have banded together under the WWPF umbrella. Together we work to inspire and empower communities to provide every student with the opportunity to get a heart screening, no matter the level of athletics, socio-economic status or geographical location.

What started as individual efforts in many different communities has grown into a unified heart screening movement with a simple, flexible and expandable delivery method that works in any setting. WWPF provides turn-key methodology and medical expertise to deliver the highest participation rates possible with the most accurate interpretations. It is our great privilege to know that our combined efforts have helped WWPF grow into a program across seven states, screening more than 70,000 athletes and saving more than 60 lives.

All with a simple ECG.

Fondos becados por Tallahassee, FL (October 2016)