The Backpack Project

My name is Amy Garvin Rodgers and my 2 boys and I put together outreach bags with friends last year, and after handing those out, we realized that the recipients needed a place to put their items. It was also fall when we began, so I needed a bag to present jackets or blankets, and I kept thinking about what I might need if I was in these same shoes. I began asking for donations via Facebook, and also spent some of our own money to get started. After that, The Backpack Project was born. I have been able to put outreach bags and packs together with the help of the community. A lot of people have told me that they would not necessarily do this themselves, but have no problem donating items to the cause. I do not plan on becoming a non-profit, but may consider that in the future. Until then, we thank you for any items you donate. Lead with love.

Fondos becados por Tallahassee, FL (September 2016)