An Introduction to Wearable Technology with WOW

Wearable tech is a new industry with the more popular examples being the Google Glass and fitness trackers. With the devices saturating the market, the next trend will be wearables in the form of clothing and accessories.

WoW UK Women of Wearables is an organization that inspires, connects and supports women in wearables, IoT and AR/VR through its events and wearable tech workshops. The wearable tech workshops encourage girls to get involved in technology in the form of wearables and teach them how to use tech to make their own wearables.

The aim is to teach them how to build a circuit using conductive thread and for parents to also learn and understand how to make wearables.

This is an introduction to circuitry class with the aim of providing more detailed workshops using arduinos specifically for wearables.

We have made LED self light up shoes with pressure sensors, a self lighting bag that lights up when you open it, a UV sensor hat to remind you to put sunscreen on and many more wearable projects to come.



Fondos becados por Liverpool (October 2016)