Commons Coffee and Catering

Commons Coffee and Catering is a not for profit business. We have a booth at the Newmarket Farmer's market for 26 Saturdays (May-October) and for the past 3 years have been training adults with autism and developmental differences at our booth to learn various skills while working on a real job setting and being included in the community , showing their abilities.
Our dedicated job coaches and volunteers provide the support

We have started our 4th year of operation at the market. This year we have about 10-11 individuals working short shifts. We have been participating in all the events organized by the town of newmarket (i.e. Multicultural Festival, Buskerfest,, Winterfest, as well as Windfall Ecofestival, Caribbean Festival and Jazz festival.
This year we have been receiving a number of requests for catering for meetings and smaller events.
As our catering demands have increased (we have had 10 this year including Earth Day at the Regional Admin building our equipment needs updating and replacement. We also need some new equipment for our indoor catering requests. As well as replacing damaged tent from last year's Jazz festival storm.

Fondos becados por Newmarket (July 2016)