Spring Festival at O'Donnell Garden Park

In the South University Neighborhood of San Jose we have a small park that serves the residents of our community. But some people were saying that the park wasn't safe to bring their kids to play. Since most of our neighborhood is apartments, having a safe place to play at the park is very important. We have been holding some annual events to try to bring people back to the park. We have had Earth Day festivals for two years and this year moved into to March so we are calling it Spring Festival. It has been a great event, but we need help to make it a good event for teenagers and young adults to think it is an awesome place to hang out with the neighbors and be connected as a community. Our Spring Festival will be on Saturday, March 19th 11 am- 1 pm. We need help to make it better by having live music, food, a video game truck and prizes that will attract people to come and have a great time together.

Fondos becados por San Jose, CA (March 2016)