Speaking Out Loud

Our school is in its 15th year of operation and this year we have added a co-curricular component to our day. For the first time in our school history, we have a group of dedicated students who created a "Rebel Writing Club." This club will create and publish our first ever school newspaper and will design and deliver a more sophisticated yearbook using technology.

Our students live in households where English is not the primary language spoken. Our students live in worlds where no one they know publishes books or writes for a newspaper. Our students are middle school kids who yearn for someone who will listen to what they have to say.

Our students are using this "Rebel Writing Club" as a way to "Speak Out Loud" and use their voices and talents to reflect their innermost desires, struggles, and dreams. Their yearbook will put their tech skills, design skills, and photography skills to use in amazing ways as they memorialize our school year. Our brand-new school newspaper will give them reporting, writing, researching experience - and will open doors in their minds to the possibilities that lay before them.

Our students are amazing, and they are doing amazing work. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to dream BIG dreams and ask for your partnership in this work.

Fondos becados por San Jose, CA (January 2016)