DivvyUp Socks

DivvyUp is a sock company with a mission to give amazing socks to the world. With every pair of socks you purchase, you give a pair to the homeless community.

The project started in March 2014 out of Florida State University's entrepreneurship program. We saw the program as an opportunity to do something that gave back to the community. Unsure of what was needed, we thought the best option would be to take a trip down to The Shelter on Tennessee St. (before it moved to Pensacola St.) to simply ask how we could help. Expecting to hear shelter or food as their largest needs, we were really surprised when the homeless shelter expressed a huge need for clean socks.

That got us thinking about ways we could give socks on a sustainable basis. Seeing that fun socks were trending on our college campus, we decided to buy a batch of designer socks with a mission to give pair to the homeless shelter for every pair sold.

We received a $400 loan from our professor to purchase inventory and set up on campus wherever we could. After 6 weeks, our project enabled the Tallahassee community to give 160 pairs of clean socks to The Shelter!

After the initial success, we invested $1,600 to buy more socks and to build a website during the summer. Over the past year, we have sold socks at various markets and events around Tallahassee and through our website. To date, we have gifted over 5,200 pairs of clean socks to homeless shelters across Florida, with most going to Tallahassee's Kearney Center.

This fall, we partnered with Dance Marathon at Florida State University (DMFSU) to create custom socks for their philanthropic organization. For every pair of DMFSU socks sold, we give $5 to their fundraising efforts and a pair of clean socks to the Tallahassee homeless community. After 8 weeks, we have sold over 370 pairs and raised more than $1,800 for Children's Miracle Network, Shands Children's Hospital and FSU's College of Medicine.

Fondos becados por Tallahassee, FL (January 2016)