The Civic Imagination Project

Across our nation, from Ferguson to Baltimore to Seattle, Americans are facing challenges that can no longer be classified as unprecedented. Decades-old issues of economic disparity and police brutality still exist and may be exacerbated more with the prevalent use of social media. In response, some Americans have taken to the streets while others have been perplexed and conflicted by the plethora of public demonstrations, petitions, and pontificating.

Our citizens are frustrated and want to create change; however, with the strategies implemented thus far, we are experiencing the Einstellung effect-the use of old tactics for new or evolved issues. We need of update in civic literacy and change-making for 2015 and beyond.

The Civic Imagination Project is an opportunity for rethink and re-tool civic life and responsibility. The purpose of the Civic Imagination Project is to explore, development, implement the next generation of civic literacy. Using the time-tested method of text-based dialogue we are launching a new citizens academy to provide training and resources that will enable individuals to become more effective across the civic engagement continuum.

Our curriculum will provide guidance to develop effective community service projects, organize others around issue, policy analysis and becoming an elected official. CIP advisors include retired and current elected officials, nonprofit professionals, campaign managers, and fundraisers.

For our pilot cohort, we are targeting individuals in the Atlanta , ages 25-40, that support the nonprofit/ socent sector. The project is unique as there are no campaign academies that specifically recruit nonprofit professionals (individuals that may be the closest to issues) to become elected officials.

Fondos becados por Atlanta, GA (November 2015)