Mobile Print Power + Combat Paper

Art builds community. At Interference Archive, we are bringing together two mobile community-based art initiatives for a day of creation, collaboration, and learning.

Mobile Print Power is a multigenerational collective that takes their mobile screen printing cart into the community, collecting words and ideas by asking questions of passersby, and turning these into collaboratively generated designs. They print these on their mobile cart and display them in the same public spaces where their conversations started.

Combat Paper brings army veterans together around a mobile paper making cart, where veterans are invited to pulp their uniforms, make these into paper, and then use this paper as a medium for expressing their experiences.

At Interference Archive, a space which focuses on past and present production of social movement culture, we are organizing a day long event with these two groups. We’ll focus on how art-making empowers individuals and community, and we’ll invite the public to join us in learning new skills and new mediums of expression.

Why We Think This is Awesome

We love that this project is a collaboration between three community-minded organizations and forms a super-project that any one of the groups would not be able to accomplish on its own. This project really made us think very deeply about about uniforms, about rituals, and about community interactions with members of the military. We're very excited to be able to support such great organizations and such a unique event in our city.

Fondos becados por New York City, NY (October 2015)