Nature is Awesome

Everything is awesome!

Well, Lego certainly is, and so is nature. This project combines the awesomeness of Lego with a beautiful natural place on the outskirts of Edmonton, by building a Lego model version of the Edmonton and Area Land Trust’s newest conservation site.

A volunteer Lego Master Builder (an architect by trade), and his team will meticulously build a large replica version of the lands. We are a small organization, so have lots of volunteers helping us with our work. Because hey – everything is cool when you’re part of a team!

The 80 acre natural area is home to animals such as deer, moose, frogs, squirrels and many types of birds from chickadees to hawks. The beautiful aspen poplar forest, with patches of coniferous spruce forest throughout, is split by the picturesque Willow creek that runs through it, on its way to the North Saskatchewan River just a couple of kilometres downstream. There have even been some dinosaur remains found in the creek bed – amazing footprints of a hadrosaurus, plus the skin impression of an Albertosaurus – which is only the 3rd (and best) example of this in the world!

We plan to have the completed Lego model on display at a public venue in Edmonton or the surrounding region, such as in Leduc, since the property is in Leduc County. And if you think this Lego version is awesome, just wait until you see the real thing! This Lego version of the lands will encourage people to visit and enjoy the real conservation site in person (because you can’t exactly hop into a Lego version of it), and inspire them to help us conserve this special place, and the others that we protect and steward.

We will also make an Art Gallery of the process of creating the Lego model of this property. We’ll add this to our current Culture-Conservation-Connection Galleries ( This will add a really fun dimension to our already awesome website.

Fondos becados por Edmonton, AB (September 2015)