Eat Your Art Out: An edible Art Community Event

My project is a public art event. The concept is to create 'edible dopplegangers' of famous works of art. The edibles will be displayed next to/near prints or decals of the artworks. I will bake some of the edible goods, and the others will be prepared by hired bakers as well as artists and bakers recruited from the community who are offering their skills for free.

An event location has already been confirmed - it will be held at Crow Books as well as Crow Books in East Victoria Park, simultaneously (the venues are about 100 metres from each other). It will take place at night in February 2015. Attendees will spend some time admiring the edible dopplegangers, before being able to buy anything edible to taste for themselves (these are things like individual sized parfaits, pieces of cake, cheese platters drinks). The event is aimed at increasing a sense of community, and appreciating modern art.

This is also a charity event. Proceeds from the event will go to the Harry Hunter Rehabilitation Centre, which is currently the ONLY organisation in Western Australia to have a therapeutic program for children whose parents have drug abuse issues. These children are at a high risk of psychological problems, including their own drug abuse issues as they reach adolescence. Despite calls from researchers and government agencies for an urgent need for programs to help this at-risk group, there currently remains only one in WA. The proceeds are needed for Harry Hunter to continue running the program by updating program materials and training new counsellors to run the program.

Please note that whilst some of the attached images show edible art that will in appear at the event, artists/bakers will also be given free range to be inspired by their own artwork and bake an edible good of their own choosing.

Fondos becados por Perth (November 2014)