Camp Kulin Drumming Project

As part of our teambuilding program, we recently had a group who came along and did one off African drumming with some of our campers. Not only did the campers love the experience and learn new skills, but it taught them patience, co-operation, confidence and persistence. Not only that, but they had to work as a team to make sure the rhythms sounded right! We work closely with children affected by trauma, including refugees from 18 countries who have experienced war in their home country. Music is a great way to bring everyone together, no matter what culture, religion or background. Because we got such a great response from our campers and camp counsellors, our Manager Tanya has decided to do the Drumbeat course, to learn how to facilitate this program at every camp. This would enable children within Kulin and local areas, every child and adult who attends our program throughout the state and all of our camp counsellors to do these workshops and learn the life skills associated with it, which they can incorporate into their daily lives. We would also use the program as part of our annual Camp Kulin concert held in the Kulin Memorial Hall and attended by people state wide. This is a new venture, with the first free community concert held in 2013 - this was the first concert held in the hall in 35 years!

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