Solstice Organic Market

The "AWESOMENESS" started 2 weeks ago with the beginning construction of the east sides first organic market!! The first phase is just a small 300 sqft slice of love right off the side porch at sweet yams 218 cherry ST. Are plan is to first provide, what we call the organic rejuvenation essentials to the east side and downtown areas.
Organic proteins, nuts, rice, beans, pastas, Produce, vegetables, fruits, eggs, cheeses, milk,water and much more including some of your favorite desserts and home made organic ice creams. Sweet Yams will be moving to the new location at Montana and cherry on January 2015 at which time we will be combining the entire 1000 sqft property at 218 and expanding the building into what is to be Solstice Organic Markets. This organic market concept will be unique and non-compromising. Our goal is 100% affordable organic or nothing.

Our relationships with local organic farms and producers as well as east sides future of urban organic farming will give us the opportunity to consistently provide quality product that is free from contamination both by pesticides and profit motivated price manipulators. The market will most importantly be the home for our awesomely successful juice program "our crown jewel".
We plan to use part of the profits from our organic restaurants and markets to activate what we call Solstice Free-habilitation, free juice programs for those that cant afford the commitment to change.
This is just a glimpse of the potential we believe this market has to bring light and access to many lives on the east side and all SA.
The foundation of this market is not based on just a cool idea or current trend.
It is built on 20 years of research and experience, and 10 years of proof and confirmation.
We are committed to the needs of the people, and we don't compromise.
we love you

Fondos becados por San Antonio, TX (August 2014)