Changing the world one love note at a time

I will paint and hang love notes in each of the 26 San Francisco zip codes, geotagging the locations to the love note map at

What started as a fun love note for my kids has turned into a passion for finding, documenting, installing and sharing love notes. At I post about my adventures documenting signs of love, installing public art love notes, and reflecting on life’s loves. Guests are invited to share their "get love. give love." stories finding or sharing a love note. has become a hub for the exchange of love in its many forms; a place to practice, to be inspired, to share, a place to get love when you need some and give love when you have it.

To date, I’ve post more than 2,000 i love you, too fliers, created several hundred public displays of affection or street art love note signs, a deeper expression of my get love. give love. concept. has received hundreds of comments and guest submissions about readers’ own experiences finding and sharing love notes.

Watch this 2-minute mini documentary for scenes from one night of renegade street art love note installing:

I found my heart in San Francisco; there is an ever-growing map of San Francisco in my mind, comprised of locations embedded with people and experiences coupled with awe. Installing love notes in each of San Francisco's 26 zipcodes will be my love note back to this glorious city,

Fondos becados por San Francisco, CA (July 2014)