HA Halbert Jr PS Community Garden and Kindy Yard

Our project is part of a larger Eco-revitalization of our school. We have never been an Eco School and decided this year to attempt to become a Bronze Level Eco School. The kids and staff did such an awesome job that we skipped Bronze and earned Silver. This has motivated our students so much and we are aiming for Gold level next year. One piece is adding some nature to our very barren school yard. The concrete gets so hot during the summer months that it is impossible to play on and there is no shade. We would like to first, begin by excavating some concrete area and adding in a community garden with local plants - annuals and perrennials - that our Eco Club and Parent Council can take ownership of and make a beautiful space to be. We would also like to have some stone seating around the area and some shade structure with a sand-pit for the kindergartens to play. WE have a larger plan for the entire area but this grant would allow us to begin our journey and motivate everyone to continue!

Fondos becados por Toronto (August 2014)