Slow Life Scanning

ScanLAB is a research unit at the Bartlett School of Architecture run by Matthew Shaw and William Trossell. We use 3D scanners to capture buildings and streetscapes which are then used to create models, movies and drawings.

The project we are working on at the moment is based around scanning life models in motion and their surroundings. Just like a photocopier the scanner takes time to record its surroundings and any movements during this process are recorded as 3D distortions.

We have created some stunning results choreographing these movements with the life models. Our next step is to reproduce these distorted figures at full human scale using 5 axis machining techniques with which we are familiar. (See attached image document). The resultant pieces will form an exhibition but will also be the first prototypes for a larger scale collaboration we hope to complete with hotly tipped theatre company BeltUp later in the year.

BeltUp are putting on a production on Macbeth in the House of Detention, a deserted underground prison in Farringdon, London and we are in discussions about using this process to both record parts of the performance and to create sculptural props/scenery for the performance. Whilst not in use as a performance venue the space will double up as an exhibition of these works.

At present ScanLAB is supported by the leading producer of terrestrial 3D scanners, FARO, who have loaned over £80k of equipment and software to UCL but this specific project and all time put into the venture is our own & unfunded. We have very close links with London’s top rapid prototyping facility, DMC, full use of the CadCam facilities at UCL and full access to state of the art fabrication machinery in Hackney Wick. The house of Detention is a privately owned site but in collaboration with BeltUp we have been granted limited access in return for 3D scanning services.

Over the last few years we have both been involved with exhibitions and group shows of this nature in the past but this is the first time ScanLAB have exhibited solo.

Will works for AB3 workshops and has exhibited and built many times with the functionality

Matt teaches architecture at the Bartlett and Canterbury. He has recently worked with Block Architecture and his solo research formed part of Constructing Realities and Digital Hinterlands at Arups Phase2 Gallery

Fondos becados por London (January 2013)