Makerble is a new way of giving to charity that overcomes the growing skepticism people have about what charities actually do with their donations. The charities we work with log the stories, variety and quantity of people helped through their projects each month. We turn that data into a personalised newsfeed for each donor on Makerble so that they get to see the difference their donations are making to the causes they care about. Makerble is a digital service available online and we are building mobile apps.

We believe we can turn the tide on charity skepticism. Research by New Philanthropy Capital shows that the amount of money that current donors would give extra to charity each year if they believed that their donations would be effective, is £665million. That's the annual income of half the charities in the UK. Research by the Cabinet Office shows that 5.5million non-donors would become donors if they believed that their donations would be effective.

We have 60 charities registering to use Makerble in the run up to our public launch. Research by Charities Aid Foundation shows that 1 in 6 charities are at risk of closure due to financial constraints. Data from the Charity Commission shows that 70% of charitable donations go to the largest 1% of charities. Charities see Makerble as a cost-efficient way to reach donors they would be unable to reach otherwise. Makerble is free for charities to use, we earn a commission on donations.

Makerble is the only donations platform in the world that enables all charities to log the stories and quantity of people helped by their projects. UKTI have flown us to New York and Singapore to explore future expansion opportunities and pitch to the UN (we came 2nd!). Media agencies like PHD with clients including Warner Brothers are keen to promote Makerble as a way to make CSR campaigns more interactive. Organisations that might have been seen as competitors want to use our software e.g. JustGiving and GlobalGiving.

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