Alexander Muir PS Eco Team

We actually have 2 projects for which we would appreciate funding. One of our projects involves building container gardens, and growing vegetables in them. We used the vegetables we grew last year to make a big pot of soup that people in our school shared. Our goal is to expand our garden, and build more boxes, so that we can harvest more produce so that we can donate fresh food to the local food bank or shelters. Many families became involved with what became a community garden. We hope that such a project will encourage our families to plants vegetables in their own gardens, as they see benefits of eating locally.

Our other project which we have been involved with now since we opened, involves banning the plastic disposable water bottle. Students and staff at our school are very aware of the large footprint these wasteful bottles creates, and we use only stainless steel bottles., having earned enough money now to have a filling station installed at our school, to help us fill our bottles more safe and efficiently. Our next step, is to help inform the rest of our community. Last year we painted yellow fish on storm drains, and distributed fish-shaped info to houses, telling the dangers of pouring items down storm drains. We are now in the process of creating bottle-shaped info sheets to distribute to homes, telling how tap water is safer and more environmentally friendly...not to mention economical!

A third project we have undertaken, now that we have fundraised and established an outdoor classroom, is to plant more trees to provide shade. Our school, when built, had no landscaping, and no trees. We have made some improvements, but have a ways to go yet!

I am unable to upload photos from this computer, but am happy to send others soon. We also were part of the Feb 10 Rogers "A Greener York" "TV Show if you would like to see more of what we do.

Fondos becados por Newmarket (March 2014)