Babies In Space (working title)

'We are currently living in a world dominated by technology forcing us to re-define our boundaries and limitations. This ‘no rules’ era is one where technology can corrupt natures ballot, break down biological limitations and compel us to colonise new planets'.

I run an artistic laboratory that works on the fringes of magic, emotion and intuition deploying a new vocabulary on the body, beauty, health and the impact major world challenges will have on the mind and body.

"Babies in Space" (working title) is a speculative artistic project that looks at the complications of growing a foetus in altered gravity environments. This research project will usher in a new era of procreation; a world in which children are created in the laboratory, gestated in artificial womb-like environments and brought “to term” without ever really being “born.” Set in interstellar conditions, where gravity is expensive to simulate, this project looks at travel between stars.

The artistic outcomes intended from this project are a short ten minute film, with various aesthetic artefacts including performance, academic workshops and future prototypes developed alongside experts in the medical and life science fields.

I am developing this project alongside architect, biologist and TED Fellow Rachel Armstrong in corporation with the Institute for Interstellar Studies.

Themes included in this project include:

– SEXUALITY, BEAUTY, ATTRACTION: The new beauty continuum
If beauty is lost what are the (new) assets for generating social race and its impact on survival, sexuality, desire, love, loneliness, the mind and the human species?

– RELATIONSHIP OF NEWBORN WITH ‘PARENT’: What is the relationship of the ‘hatchlings’ to the AI or other parent?

– EMOTIONAL, PHYSIOLOGICAL, BIOLOGICAL ISSUES: What are the emotional and physiological issues that will confront the newborn.

"If you don't know what the future looks like, create it"....

Fondos becados por Awesome Without Borders (February 2014)