2k2c Kids Can Create - Tuft Together

Oliver Citywide Academy is a special education school dedicated to serving 3rd-12th grade students with emotional and behavioral disturbances.

In the last year, OCA has been split up and dispersed throughout the city to consist of 4 satellite locations. These locations are housed in other school buildings. It has been a rough transition for students, isolated in pockets of other schools without access to regular school resources.

OCA is working on rebuilding the community, while still working towards a mission of providing therapeutic support to all students. This includes granting students ownership in creating spaces that feel safe, warm, and welcoming, and supports their needs. This also includes adding resources that foster growth, social emotional competency, self-confidence, and exposure to real life skills.

2k2c is a series of "Kids Can" projects that do just that. The first 2k2c project is Tuft Together.

This is a project that combines community collaboration and the development of creative and technical rug making skills, The permanent product of this project will be collaborative pieces that can be used to beautify our spaces and a source of pride for all who participated.

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