Roughly Staged - A night of new theatre writing

Roughly Staged is a community project in Glasgow which helps people create theatre. We run regular events which support playwrights, and people who are interested in playwriting, to experiment and explore in a creative environment.

Since 2022 we have run 4 events (on a shoestring budget) at the Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow. For each event, we invite writers from around Glasgow to submit original 15 minute plays. We have a panel which chooses three plays to put on. On the night, actors perform the plays to the audience and we invite feedback to help the writers improve their work.

So far, Roughly Staged has supported over 50 artists to develop their skills and get into theatre. Predominantly, these artists come from working class and marginalised backgrounds, and our night is often the first opportunity they have to see their writing performed by actors.

Some selected audience feedback:

“I'm not sure what I was expecting but you totally blew whatever it was out of the water! I could not be more proud of my friends. From the flawless organisation to the quality of the writing to the outstanding performances, and all presented by the most fabulous hosts. I may have missed the first two Roughly Staged events but I won't make that mistake in the future!”
“Nice seeing new work, thought the standard was really good for both writing and performances”
“Really positive and supportive atmosphere for the actors and writers. - Creates the opportunity for people who don't normally engage in theatre (either because they might find the duration of a play or the cost of a theatre ticket daunting) to participate and enjoy different types of plays.”

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