Video Art Pop-up!

Third Floor Window exists as a nontraditional art space that presents contemporary video art in an accessible format. By looking up, a curious neighbor, dog walker, and restaurant-goer can all be enchanted by a glowing window. One quick view can instill joy and healthy questioning as the artwork presents different visual scenarios -- ranging from a cake-obsessed werewolf to a compilation of flowers in bloom. Curating one artist a weekend, on loop, every Friday and Saturday evening. The window faces a brewery, restaurant, and shop, all of which attract residents to look up and engage with the art.

The goal is to now create a pop-up version of the Third Floor Window in various locations. In spaces that are easily accessible by the community, like a neighborhood garden or on a brewery wall, there is an opportunity to have a pop-up art cinema, a space that is for everyone. The current focus is a pop-up in Mt. Lebanon; on the main road is a parklet where families relax after dinner with ice cream. This park is an accessible point for residents to enjoy and engage with video art. "Third Floor Window Pop-up Cinema" would allow emerging artists to showcase their work outside a gallery setting and expose the community to video art.

Fondos becados por Pittsburgh, PA (August 2023)