Smile and Thrive Dental Program

The Smile & Thrive Dental Program aims to address the declining health and hygiene of at-risk primary school students from disadvantaged families in the Newcastle area. By providing dental appointments and mentoring sessions over a meal, we foster valuable relationships and create positive memories that promote a sense of belonging and safety.

Through partnerships with local schools and Grill'd Kotara, we tackle the issue of neglected dental care by offering early intervention, dental hygiene education, and access to necessary tools. Our program emphasises social inclusion, accessibility, and social participation, providing vital support to those in need. Success for us means improved oral health, enhanced dental hygiene practices, increased emotional resilience, and better overall wellbeing among these students. We also strive to create a community where every child feels valued, supported, and empowered to thrive academically and personally.

The Smile & Thrive Dental Program addresses the pressing issue of tooth decay among children in Newcastle. With around 2 in 5 children in Australia experiencing decay in primary teeth and 1 in 4 in permanent teeth, the program focuses on at-risk students from disadvantaged backgrounds. By providing dental appointments, mentoring, and oral health education, our aim is to improve oral health outcomes and overall wellbeing.

The program delivers social benefits by alleviating pain, discomfort, and embarrassment, fostering positive relationships, and creating a sense of belonging. It also drives environmental changes by promoting sustainable oral health habits and raising community awareness. Through ongoing evaluations, we monitor improvements in oral health, decay rates, and community engagement. The Smile & Thrive Dental Program strives to effectively address tooth decay's social and environmental challenges for children in Newcastle.

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