Epic Box War

June’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Edouard Marava to support an epic box war.

“We'll get a bunch of cardboard boxes,” explains Edouard, “build huge castles, and have a big war.”

“People can bring their own cardboard weapons and armour, and we'd split people into two teams, give them an hour to build up their castle, and then declare WAaaarrrrrrrr!”

“We'd then recycle all the cardboard at the end of the day,” Edouard adds. “I have a bunch of kids programs running all year, so I'm sure the kids would be happy to paint or build stuff with the leftovers of the battle.”

“The event would be free,” says Edouard. “After the big fight, there'd be some stupid games like ‘who can jump through a large piece of cardboard’ or ‘let's build cardboard planes and try to fly them.’ I expect that people will get very creative if we let them use the materials available.”

Edouard is a father of two, and runs a nonprofit organization that delivers youth programs. “I've been working with kids my whole life,” he says, and I believe my child heart is still intact!”

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