Ability Through Action

Ability Through Action was co-founded by Kelsea MacKay and Patrick Lloyd, two students from Toronto Metropolitan University, with the goal of enhancing accessibility and promoting independence for individuals with disabilities. Our primary focus is on providing mobility devices and support to those in need, particularly in Ukraine.

Our collaborative efforts with Align Home Health Care in Ontario have enabled us to gather wheelchairs from long-term care homes. Subsequently, we have partnered with Goodwill to refurbish these chairs, ensuring they are in impeccable condition.

Our primary objective is to prioritize active wheelchairs for veterans. We are currently focused on collecting active chairs from Alberta, yet require assistance in transporting them to a shipping dock for subsequent shipment to Ukraine. The funds acquired through this endeavor will support both the logistical aspects of transportation and our work on the ground in Ukraine.

To date we have delivered over 1000 mobility devices to Ukraine.

What our grantee is saying: "This is truly amazing. This grant will help us cover the cost of shipping wheelchairs to Ukraine."

Fondos becados por Disability (May 2023)