Design and Build with Rawlings Elementary

We are excited to continue working with the students and teachers at Rawlings Elementary (a Title I school here in Gainesville) to design and build small projects that facilitate teaching and learning activities. Last year (Spring 2022), I worked with 4th-year architecture students at UF to collaborate with the Rawlings community on a series of projects: fifteen Art Horses for students in art classes, eight stage platforms (that also transformed into desks) for theater and music classes, and an outdoor classroom in the teaching garden (all three projects are posted on the website above, and can be seen in the uploaded images). In Spring 2023, we are planning to work with Rawlings again. Based on recent discussions with the school's faculty, we are planning to design and build a set of picnic tables, where students can study, teachers and students can meet, and classes can be held in the shaded areas of the Rawlings campus.

Fondos becados por Gainesville, FL (October 2022)