Nash Street Gardens

Nash Street Gardens will bring a community garden & art mural to 4905 Nash Street, NE.

This building rests on a blighted block and its residents have experienced 3 murders in last 3 years (inside the building) and 2 resident deaths in last 2 years (natural causes). Our project will bring flowers & fresh vegetables to a flowerless food desert where the nearest grocery store is kiles away. Local seniors will maintain the garden through a partnership with the District's Deptartment of Parks & Recreation (DPR). Currently, 95% of our residents are over 50 years of age. Additionally, all units in this building have been dedicated to affordable housing since I purchased it in February 2005.

We are also installing an art mural on the street-facing side of the building. I envision this space being used for pictures and just simply adored by the residents.

I would like to beautify the block starting with our building.

Fondos becados por Washington, DC (June 2022)