Black and Brown Academics and Mentorship

We are the Black and Brown Academics and Mentorship (B.B.A.M.) program, a student organization at the University of Texas at Austin that will launch in Fall 2021. Our mission is to empower Black and Brown high school students with the necessary tools that they need to succeed following graduation while educating our mentees on past and present social issues regarding Black and Brown individuals.

We provide mentorship, college preparation, and life skill workshops for our mentees both in the Austin area and out of state multiple times per month. We have an intelligent and dedicated group of mentees that constantly go above and beyond to locate resources that will help them succeed as college students, and afterward in their respective fields as well.

Very often, the mentees that we recruit come from low-income school districts where they do not have the opportunity to receive help with SAT prep, college applications, college essays, FAFSA, and more. For this reason, our organization is here to provide those resources and to help more Black and Brown students get into elite universities like the University of Texas at Austin. An Awesome Foundation grant will benefit our mentees as we strive to increase their acceptance rates into elite universities and provide them with a wealth of knowledge on the college preparation process.

Fondos becados por Austin, TX (October 2021)