On the Inside book project

On The Inside is in the process of creating a book with incarcerated women at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility and women on the outside. Together, we have a set of 20 creative prompts that women inside and outside chose and are responding to. Participants can respond through text, music, visual art, and photography. Over the course of a year, we are gathering materials from women inside prison and women on the outside. Through permission, we share the work back and forth with the help of our Supervisor to inspire each other, and break down the walls that keep us isolated and apart.

Our work at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility begin in 2018 as a theatre and poetry class, and has expanded to serve more women, more art forms, and more women on the outside as we strive to create creative connection across physical barriers, emotional, mental, and spiritual divides. Our work is collective, collaborative, and inclusive.

Fondos becados por Portland, OR (May 2021)