Mural at Pigeon Cove Harbor

During the late spring, early summer of 2021 I would like to design and paint a mural on the "haul out" building which is owned by the Pigeon Cove Lobstermen's Co-op at Pigeon Cove harbor.

In the fall of 2020, one of the lobstermen at Pigeon Cove harbor who knew I was a painter asked me if I would consider doing a mural down at the wharf. I said I would consider his request if I could have the help of two middle or high school students who have an interest in art. (Several of the lobstermen's children may help.)

At the entrance of Pigeon Cove harbor is a concrete block "haul out' building. It contains a motor and transmission attached to a winch used for moving boats in and out of the water. The structure is nondescript with gray-white walls on all four sides. (See attachments.)

My idea is to beautify the entrance to the harbor with a mural on the building. The students and I will begin the design process immediately following the end of the school year. This will include brainstorming for mural ideas which are based upon the harbor's milieu. The students and I will do sketches, followed by final mock-ups for the Pigeon Cove Lobstermen's Co-op board to approve.

We will begin painting in late June and will continue through July. The wall of the building facing Breakwater Ave. will be a painted with a mural as will the wall of the building which runs parallel to Wharf Road. The other two walls which are not visible will be painted in a solid color.

I would like to use this opportunity as not only a public art project for myself, but also as a learning experience for the students. I presented my idea to the Pigeon Cove Lobstermen Co-op's president, Tim O-Connell. He, in turn, discussed it with the board on 4/27, and I got the green light for the project.

Fondos becados por Rockport, MA (May 2021)