Nimrod Park Mural - John’s Garden

The Nimrod Street Park sits on the land of the Gadigal people, who used this land well into the 1800s.

European convicts and settlers started to use the local area to quarry stone, jail convicts and farm in the early 1800s. The park is located on the site where a stone windmill once stood, before being dismantled to build the Beare Stairs and the first stone terraces in Darlinghurst.

The park is just a tiny little thing, on the corner of Nimrod Street and Caldwell Street, but it plays a key role to the local community.

The quiet street has no traffic, so the park provides a green space for local children and dogs to play while also providing a peaceful sanctuary for local residents - most of whom do not have outdoor spaces. The park often has visitors soaking up the sun rays, reading or drawing on the benches and helps to create a meeting place for the community.

The park is also plagued with drug problems, that put these visitors at risk. The quiet and out of the way location make it an attractive location for less desirable activities and the removal of many plants as well as the crumbling wall give the park the look of a place that is less loved or watched.

I started my mural, “John’s Garden”, in April 2021, with support from the local community. Dozens of people have visited while I paint to see the progress and thank me for deciding to proactively do something.

I plan to incorporate the Windmill onto the right side of the wall and to include as many native plants as possible (I already have Kangeroo Paws). I am also using the existing plants to give the impression of extending what is there and building layers to make the park appear deeper and more wild.

Fondos becados por Sydney (May 2021)