Trap Neuter Return (TNR ) Trap Bank

For the Awesome Newburgh grant, I will purchase ten traps to be used to establish a trap bank for use by City residents who may have stray or feral cats in their yards or streets. The idea is to have a lending bank of traps so that city residents can humanely trap feral and stray cats in their yards or communities for spaying/neutering and rabies vaccination at either the low cost spay truck sponsored by the Animal Rights Alliance every Monday at Walmart or private clinic. I will be hosting an ongoing series of TNR training events to teach residents how to operate the traps, to properly recover cats after surgery and to keep the traps clean while the cats are recovering.

The City of Newburgh has a serious problem with stray cats roaming and often dying in streets and yards. The City is unable to address this problem presently but my hope is that residents working individually with proper training and tools can make a positive impact to to reduce the number of stray cats and improve everyone's quality of life.

The trap bank will be available to residents to borrow for this purpose and the goal is to make a positive impact in the City by ending the cycle of stray kittens being born and reducing the numbers of stray cats roaming on our streets.

This program is in conjunction with Talk To Me About Cats, a local Newburgh cat rescue group to assist with storing traps.

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