Kaleidoscope Projection Monument

I want to build a stained-glass / bike wheel kaleidoscope projector! The projector will be a mobile unit, projecting images of afrosurrealist dreams juxtaposed with footage from the Attica Prison Rebellion through a giant kaleidoscope onto buildings in public spaces. I will use a bike wheel as the framework for a stained-glass / multimedia lens. The lens will be connected to an axle welded to a pipe. Inside the pipe will be a system of mirrors. The projector will shine through the pipe, projecting images  through the kaleidoscopic lens. 

I am accountable to  a network of afrofuturist artists and visionaries through a nation-wide project called Gallery of the Streets. We want to use this kaleidoscope as a prototype for new public monuments that inspire re-visioning new cities beyond white supremacy. 

This idea was born out of the kaleidoscope gift project, instigated in 2016 in connection with the Durham Art Asylum to build connections between communities and people who struggle with mental health and addiction. Thirty multi-media kaleidoscopes were fabricated and given away with the intention that they be re-given, taking on a journey / life of their own. 

Fondos becados por Raleigh, NC (September 2020)