Veterans and Students Village

Come join us on an amazing journey of building mini-homes and villages for those that need a hand up. For those that don’t know who we are, the Montana Co-op and the Kids Co-op are two non-profit organizations working together on the same missions and principles. These principles include cooperation, collaboration, encouraging others, protecting our environment, supporting all with basic needs (food, shelter), and love for one another. Together, we’re starting to work on the second Montana Co-op Food HUB location on the Flathead reservation. This next Food HUB location in Pablo, MT will also include housing. Housing will be for the students and workers living on this 48 acres with everyone benefitting from home ownership (mobile tiny-home) and business ownership (in a worker owned co-op model).The Pablo HUB has many similarities to the Polson Montana Co-op Food HUB project that started with fixing up the building, then set up a community focused youth center, and tied into local food production and marketing. Many of the same people that helped in fixing up the Polson building are still around to help with the Pablo property (Polson’s neighboring town). The first step of coming together on this project starts with gaining financial and labor support from like minded people. These funds will pay for supplies and equipment so our volunteers work can be accomplished faster and more efficiently. We’re starting a cooperation of many people and organizations that believe we can make a difference in this world.

The Montana Co-op Pablo Food HUB project has been in the planning phase for 5 years. The old mill site of 175 acres was subdivided into 5 lots. The Montana Co-op and Kids Co-op have a lease agreement with an option to purchase.

Fondos becados por Homelessness (July 2020)