Art Yard Shenanigans

Art Yard Shenanigans was born in April of 2020. My whole family had Covid-19 and could not go anywhere. While recovering I watched lots of news stories. One aspect of the hardships of 'Shelter In Place' was for families... parents trying to work from home and help their kids continue school work.
I knew I could help by adjusting a dream I had for myself, into a dream that would help my neighbors. As soon as I regained some of my strength, I created a stone carving area in my front yard.
I began carving stone in my front yard for the enjoyment and education of my neighbors and their kids. Using only hand tools for carving and manpower for lifting and moving stone, classes for the kids were developed. Each week I provide a different lesson for the kids and parents to participate in. Lifting heavy objects, calculating the weight of stone, art history, strategic planning, patience, moving heavy objects across long distances, and of course carving. It has been wonderful for all.
But more amazing things than I could have imagined happened. Some folks shared that they go for their daily walk; even when they don't feel like it, just so they can see the progress of my work. NBC News did a story on what I am doing to encourage folks to be positive. Advocate Magazine has done a story and is writing another one. Neighbors who would never speak have opened up and will chat. A few artists saw what I am doing and we now have started an neighborhood artist group to encourage, network and support each other.
The first sculpture was a heart titled Loving Kindness. I auctioned it off & 25% of the winning bid was donated to charity to provide an ambient tricycle to a mobility challenged teenager.
20% of the sale of my Art Yard Shenanigans Pop Up Show was donated to The Wounded Warrior Project.
My current sculpture will be auctioned as well with another donation going to the charity of the winning bidder's choice.
Teaching kids, entertaining folks, bringing joy, and making donations!

Fondos becados por Awesome Without Borders (July 2020)