Illicit Couples Retreat

The Illicit Couples Retreat is a guided adventure through an abandoned honeymoon resort a short distance outside of New York City. Twelve intrepid couples are taken on a Lynchian tour of a sexy, swinging 1970s getaway set in the current backdrop of the resort’s decay.

This illicit event introduces the audience and the staff to a tragic site once was a hopping resort for romantic getaways that has fallen into ruin through family conflict.

Guided through a series of buildings in the expansive complex by trained stewards, the couples both mingle with each other and have private time alone in one of the guest cottages. The experience is designed to deliver something unique to each couple. The full story is only be revealed when they compare notes in the bus on the way home.

During their time in one of the kitschy suites, they receive a phone call with an audio recording produced by Project Wanderlust partner Audio Smut. The recordings are based on the documentary research on guests who stayed at the resort between the 50’s and 70’s. The project has been well-documented so everyone can enjoy what the attendees were able to experience first-hand.

The Awesome Grant made possible numerous essential aspects of this project — from transportation to candles to champagne to extra-sheets at check-in.

Fondos becados por New York City, NY (September 2012)